Conference on TDA and Persistence Theory

The Department of Mathematics at the Valdosta State University is pleased to announce the VSU CBMS Conference on Topological Data Analysis and Persistence Theory which will be held from August 8 to August 12, 2022. The main goal of this conference is to provide an introduction to topological data analysis (TDA) and persistence theory (PT) to a broader audience. TDA and PT are relatively recent methods useful for finding important features in large data sets using ideas from traditionally theoretical branches of mathematics such as algebra and topology. This conference consists in a series of daily lectures given by Dr. Peter Bubenik at the University of Florida in Gainsville, FL. The topics of these lectures include a review of the basic mathematical concepts related to TDA and PT, interactions with statistical methods and machine learning as well as current applications and software implementation are also discussed. Finally, this lecture series will end with a discussion of advanced topics and current research related to TDA and PT. There will be also three structured Lab Sessions were the participants will be introduced to software that can be used to compute various TDA functions on data sets.

Conference website:

Important Dates:

Registration Deadline: April 29, 2022


  • Shaun V. Ault (svault at valdosta dot edu)

  • Jose A. Velez-Marulanda (javelezmarulanda at valdosta dot edu)