TAG in the Mathematics of Data Science

A Special Session at the 2023 Joint Math Meetings in Boston, MA - January 5-6, 2023

Description: Whether it is clustering, classification, or regression, at a very basic level, many problems in data science can be reduced to understanding the shape, symmetries, and spatial relationships of collections of points living in a high-dimensional space. It's little wonder then that topology, algebra, and geometry (TAG) are playing an ever greater (if sometimes still understated) role in the field. Whether it is helping interpret and improve today's state-of-the-art models or driving progress towards the algorithms of tomorrow, topology, algebra, and geometry are a powerful lens with which to understand the principal algorithms and methods of data science. In this third annual special session we will hear from some of the top researchers at the intersection of TAG and data science.

Submit abstracts to JMM by September 13th, 2022.